Features Overview


The team draws on staff from across our village, exploring ideas for innovation and reporting on progress through a member of the Village executive management team. Like other villagesin the Collection, we are developing our systems and processes for managing these issues and sharing information on our performance on a regular basis.


Our features are :

  • Spread out in a spacious living rooms or relax outdoors.Extensive in-room amentities complement each villa.Everything to Full Fill even the most elaborate living environment
  • The Villa's are surrounded by greenery and have very cozy and comfortable interiors.
  • Superior accomadations amid exceptional facilities insure and expatriate family wil feel truly at home.Join us for a quality living experience in Jubail Area.
  • The Staff at the Village Suites are from all differant backgorunds and togetherthey bring a unique mix of talent and expertise to the village.
  • Landscaping Improvement and seperate patio for each villa...Excellent services and conveniences.
  • Recreational facilities and International standard swimming pools.
  • You will find all the staples you need ,like fresh bread in our supermarket . The market offers a selection of products and fresh vegetables.
  • Restaurant and snack bar with free home delivery.
  • High Speed Internet Service

Features Overview

.Our properties offer swimming pool,play grounds,re-creational ,restaurant etc. in beautiful settings.

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