Snack Bar & Restaurant


A full service snack bar, this banquet room is equipped to host any function you desire and this beautiful room can handle anything, from a class reunion or meeting or a Birthday party. The overall decorations and atmosphere are a wonderful sight to behold as you enjoy your visit, whether you are having a quick burger, or a nice steak and dinner. Come and experience the Al Jude Village Snack Bar and Restaurant.


The Restaurant is open every morning from 10 a.m to 10 p.m. Here you will find a vast selection of western,oriental and middle east cousine and a special pool side barbecue,pizza delivery.We provide free home delivery.


Bring the family for a nice dinner and let the children order chicken strips with french fries , grilled cheese sandwich, or have them a cheese pizza. Cheese tortellini with grilled chicken, or smoked king salmon with bow tie pasta, are also popular with the older children and teens.


Many choices await you, and you will receive professional, quality service from our friendly and efficient staff, in hopes of making your visit to Al Jude Village Restaurant and Snack bar a memorable one.



Features Overview

.Our properties offer swimming pool,play grounds,re-creational ,restaurant etc. in beautiful settings.

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