Compound Security Services


Al Jude Village offers variety of amenities for the comfort and peace of mind of our residents.


Security and surveillance are on alert 24 hours a day. Additional security measures includes 13 C.C.T.V. Cameras have been installed around the walls, and are monitored from multiple control centers to ensure your complete privacy and security.Our crew qualified to take all the necessary security precautions inside and outside to maintain security throughout the complex in general, and providing security for the residents and employees in particular.


We are providing resident card for each villa for more security.Visitors are allowed only with refernace of residents also guests are not allowed to use the recreational facilities.


Compound Safety

Fire-fighting network covering all units and residential facilities operated by the complex 2 pumps at 30 horsepower diesel-electric with extensions to connect from outside the compound is connected with water tanks for civil defence, with two emergency exit and Service's. 24/7 Cameras linked with the central security room with the possibility of recording and Siren alarms around the compound units. Sign boards on the streets and sidewalks to regulate traffic and traffic trends at different sites Guided Help in case of emergency and facilities use.

Features Overview

.Our properties offer swimming pool,play grounds,re-creational ,restaurant etc. in beautiful settings.

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