Our Staff

       We believe that our staff are the most integral part in the development of our village. We are quite selective in our search process and hold high standards for our employees.Our staff capable to do any task at any time for our village.We have skilled staff in all catgeory like electricians,plumbers,carpenters,Mechanics,Gardners, A/c Mechanics to support 24x7 effective maintenance for our compound.We are maintaining a American and European lifestyle through out the villa.


Our Owner with dignity ....


Service Appreciation..

Outstanding Service Award Presented To Elpedio Ordono In Grateful Appreciation of
Your 25 Years of Outstanding... Service and Dedication..






Service Appreciation..









Our Staff BENCHAMIN NOCHE Completed his service with us. Dedicated service from 2006 -2015 period

Features Overview

.Our properties offer swimming pool,play grounds,re-creational ,restaurant etc. in beautiful settings.

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