Types of Villas


We have the following type of accomadation in our village to suit you living style and requirement.

  • Upgraded 4 - Bedroom Villa
  • Upgraded 3 Bedroom Villa ( Executive New)
  • Upgraded 3 - Bedroom Villa
  • Standard 3 - Bedroom Villa
  • Upgraded 2 -Bedroom Villa
  • Standard 2 - Bedroom Villa
  • Upgraded Studio ( Deluxe) Unit
  • Upgraded Studio Unit
  • Standard Studio Unit

All these units are fully furnished with all major appliances including DSL connection,cable Television Network,direct telephone lines etc.Maintenace and other utilities like cooking gas,water and electricity are free of charge.


Mission & Vision

At Al Jude Village we understand there is a differance between a house and a home.Our mission is to provide high quality residences close to work,school,shoppping and entertainment that you can make your home.


You can expect nothing less than the highest level of resident service and satisfaction.

Features Overview

.Our properties offer swimming pool,play grounds,re-creational ,restaurant etc. in beautiful settings.

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